Harbour of New York City (Jan. 1970)

Harbour New York City (Jan. 1970)

The ship 'Bremen' I came with from Southampton in the harbour of New York (Jan.1970)

Photo taken by Werner at Lake Erie

The area we went to on our hike brom Banff (1970)

Picture taken by ? from Eugene, Oregon during our hike from Banff

The block house we stayed in for a couple of days during our hike from Banff (1970)

The crew at the block house at the end of the hike from Banff (1970)

My former girl friend Debby Lynn in Montreal (1975)

Warren & Katelyn on the lawn in the front of their apartment in Vancouver (1975)

Micheline, Warren and ? at Stanley Park in Vancouver (1970)

? and ? playing Go in the garden where we were hired to pick cherries and cut bushes (1970)

Baseball accident (watch the ball hit the guy in a split second) in Cambell River on Vancouver Island (1975)

Warner Bay Logging Camp North of Vancouver Island (1975)

Picture taken by Erich most likely at the Warner Bay logging camp (1975)

The guy I hitchhiked with from Halifax leaving Joan-Claude and his Blue Book

The view on the Northern tip of California while Hitch Hiking

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